10 Questions to Ask During an Apartment Tour

September 5, 2018 in Apartment Tips, General

10 Questions You Should Ask During Your Apartment Tour

  1. What utilities are included? This is especially important to keep in mind if this is your first time renting an apartment. Some apartment communities will include a few amenities with the rent, while other communities will not.

  2. Can rent be paid online? In the age of technology many of us have done away with checkbooks, if this is the case for you, find out before signing the lease find out about payment options.

  3. How old is the building? The age of a building can tell you a lot, for example, the construction materials that were used, as well as their quality. Many apartments that are rented from a private landlord, as opposed to a property management company, will use cheaper materials that aren’t high quality.

  4. Have there been any renovations? If an apartment building has been open for any period of time, it should be undergoing routine maintenance, renovations, as well as remodels. This will help give you an idea of many areas including the age of the windows. Newer windows are energy efficient and will help you save on your heating bill.

  5. Does the apartment include any technology? As technology progresses, so should our homes and their capabilities. High-speed, fiber optics help residents stay connected throughout apartment communities and smart technology can make life at home more comfortable.

  6. What is the pet policy? For many of us, pets are family too. It can be a pet owner’s nightmare to sign a lease only to find out that the apartment doesn’t allow pets.

  7. What are residents responsible for? Before signing a lease, you should ask the property manager what items residents are responsible for on their own. Is there a communal trash receptacle, do you have to change your own air filters, what happens if a shower head needs to be replaced?

  8. Can community spaces be rented for private use? When available, areas like clubhouses can be a great way to entertain a large number of guests, whether it’s for work or a family get-together.

  9. Are garages available? Garages can be a great way to store seasonal items, or better yet, your vehicle during a snow storm!

  10. What size bed will fit in the bedroom? Find out the exact dimensions of the bedrooms. If you have a California King bed, you’ll need to know if it fits before getting it through the door and trying to put it together.

These are only a few of the questions we suggest asking while taking a tour of your next potential apartment. During your tour and prior to signing your lease, we urge everyone to ask any and all questions. There is no silly question! To schedule a tour of one of our communities, or ask any questions you may have forgotten, contact us today.