Do You Know Proper Apartment “Petiquette”?

October 2, 2018 in Apartment Tips, General

Yes, Petiquette is a made-up word but it can be a hot topic among your neighbors and property management staff if you live in an apartment community. While pet-friendly apartments used to be rare, more and more communities, including many of Burns Management’s properties, gladly welcome your furry friends. Many apartments in Niskayuna including the Iroquois Village offer pet-specific amenities such as dog parks and pet grooming services.  And while who doesn’t love seeing cute puppy and kitten photos on Instagram, for some people, living next door to them is quite a different story. Below are some things pet owners should consider to avoid being the talk of the apartment complex – and not in a good way.

#1 Clean Up After Your Pet 

This is the number 1 petiquette rule. There is no faster way to make your neighbors and property management angry than to leave your dogs’ business on sidewalks, gardens or other common spaces where it doesn’t belong. Most pet-friendly apartment communities have designated spaces for dogs to relieve themselves and many provide bags and places for disposal. If your pet has an accident in a common area, be proactive in cleaning it up and alert maintenance of the issue.

#2 Quiet Please 

This is a very close second and may even tie as the most important petiquette rule. Having a pet in an apartment may require additional training to ensure you don’t disturb your neighbors. Be sure your dog doesn’t bark incessantly whenever you leave him or her alone and take playtime outside as much as possible. You may even consider laying down an area rug to prevent the downstairs neighbors from hearing the constant clicking of nails on hardwood or tile floors.

#3 Respect Others Space in Common Areas

Keep your dog on a short leash in all common areas and train him or her not to jump or bark at others when in confined spaces like elevators. You may even want to hold a small dog when riding in an elevator or in a busy lobby. Be aware that some people, especially children, are afraid of dogs or just don’t like them, so respecting other people’s space is key.

#4 Keep Your Pet Healthy

In an apartment community where your pet will frequently come in contact with many different people as well as other animals, it’s important that you keep your pet clean and healthy. This means keeping up to date on vaccinations, controlling fleas and ticks, and having your pet spayed or neutered.

#5 Consider a Low Maintenance Pet

If you are looking to bring home your first pet to your apartment, consider the best pet for your lifestyle and for apartment living in general. Caged or contained pets such as fish, reptiles, birds, rabbits, and hamsters are some of the easiest to care for and can fit well into your apartment lifestyle – as long as your community allows these types of pets. Cats are also fairly easy to care for, however, some cats like to “mark their territory” and cat urine can be one of the toughest odors to get rid of.

No matter what, living in an apartment with a pet requires added care and consideration.  But now more than ever apartment communities are welcoming your furry companions. Practicing good petiquette will ensure you, your pets, and your neighbors all get along and enjoy the best of apartment living.