At Home Exercise Ideas for Apartment Living

October 1, 2020 in Apartment Tips, General

As the world went on PAUSE during the Coronavirus Pandemic, businesses were forced to shut down which included restaurants, retail stores and gyms. With ecommerce and apps like Door Dash, retail stores and restaurants were still able to service their customers despite the stay at home orders. For gyms, the closing of the physical gym location not only impacted the gyms bottom line, but also the health and mental well-being of those who regularly attended in person classes or used the readily available gym equipment. Exercise not only helps you lose weight, but also helps improve sleep and positively impacts depression symptoms.

It can be hard to stay motivated even in the best of situations, but add at home distractions and constant disruptions, it may seem near impossible to exercise. We have put together some easy, fun, and family inclusive exercise ideas that will hopefully keep you motivated to work out at home!

Amazon Prime / YouTube Home Workouts:

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have access to a huge library of fitness videos including fun dance routines with on-demand Zumba classes, home cardio programs and workouts with celebrity coaches. YouTube also has many channels dedicated to at home workouts. The great thing about an active channel is trainers update the workouts regularly, so the workouts do not get stale. The best thing about using Amazon Prime or YouTube, is you can work out on your schedule. Many programs are short so you can fit them between your conference calls and kids school lessons.

In-Person / Video Conference Classes:

You will need to check your local events, but many trainers are offering small socially distant in-person classes or remote video conference classes that you can join in real-time. The best part about these classes is that having someone taking attendance and interacting with you as you exercise will keep you motivated and accountable.


Great part about where we live is there are so many hiking and walking trails in the area. Whether you want to go on a short flat walk that is easy for the kids to participate in, or an 11-mile uphill hike to the summit, there is something for everyone’s skill level. With so many trails all over the Capital District and Adirondacks you will be able to socially distance while you get outside enjoy the sunshine.

At Home Exercise Equipment:

Although there is an investment cost as well as loss in some space at home,  you can create an interactive at home exercise routine with the purchase of equipment like the Peloton Bike or other stationary bikes, Mirror, treadmills or rowing machines. Most have a monthly payment option, so the cost is spread out over your contract.

Dog Walking:

This may seem like something that isn’t exercise, but this could be really fun for the family or older kids wanting to get out of the house. As a lot of people are working from home, distractions like the dog needing to go out can become bigger than they really are. If you have a neighbor that has a dog, ask if you could take them for a walk. I bet you and the dog would love being outside and exploring the neighborhood.

We hope that some of these at home workouts will help get you and keep you motivated and healthy. Check out some of our helpful Apartment finding, living, and decorating tips because we want you to love where you live!