Sustainable Apartment Living in the Capital Region

December 15, 2022 in Burn's Apartments, Capital Region Living, General

At Burns Management, we believe it’s important to provide eco-friendly environments for all residents and staff throughout our Capital Region communities. It is our belief that green living should be available to everyone, and our initiatives can be seen throughout our unique apartment communities. We’ve taken many steps to reduce our footprint and have implemented many changes to maintain cleaner air and grounds.


Paperless Leasing

One of our first steps to enact a greater level of sustainability was moving to paperless electronic leasing! Our property teams now have the ability to provide residents with electronic leases and documents. With our vast number of residents, this prevents tons of paper use and waste.


Energy Audits

Our Burns team has also engaged with an engineering firm to perform a yearly audit of our energy efficiency in all buildings. These audits report on how our energy-efficient technology is being utilized. Reported areas include lighting fixtures, air sealing, water use reduction methods, LED bulbs, replacements of infrastructures, and more. Thanks to the reports, we’ve replaced boilers in 36 of our buildings to provide residents with demand-sensing pumps to help reduce overall energy usage, and to reduce gas usage for heat and hot water.


Energy Star-Rated Appliances

To coincide with our green living values and initiatives, many of the luxury apartments in our communities come equipped with Energy Star-rated appliances, ceiling fans, and HVAC upgraded units. Energy Star ratings indicate a product that complies with federally mandated guidelines regarding the energy efficiency of its intended use. Products with an Energy Star rating help us contribute to sustainability.


App-Controlled Smart Communities

We have also introduced smart communities: Excelsior Park, Broadway 385, and Schuyler Commons! These complexes were created with our green initiatives in mind and boast programmable thermostats and lighting that can be controlled by residents through a smartphone app. The app can link to any smart device our residents choose including Amazon’s Alexa, smart blinds, or smart lightbulbs. Our technological advancements are not only on the residential level; they are used throughout the entire building, allowing management to optimize the temperatures in vacant apartments for greater efficiency. We continually use our residents’ survey feedback and push for long-term sustainable value for residents.


Nearby Public Transport

Many of our properties are uniquely situated near or next door to public transit lines, allowing residents the opportunity to offset car emissions during their weekend errands, their work commute, or daily school commute. Additionally, many properties are conveniently located in popular areas in each community, which can further reduce car emissions by engaging in foot traffic to navigate the surrounding areas!


Learn More About Our Green Initiatives!

Burns Management is committed to minimizing the environmental impact that our properties have on their surrounding communities and beyond. While the changes we have implemented thus far have contributed greatly to our goal, we are not done! We have plans for the years to come to continuously focus on going green, and to ensure that our communities are benefiting our communities and our earth. Our next initiative coming soon is electronic vehicle charging stations! To learn more about our communities, and our environmental promise, contact us today!