When Is It Time to Upgrade into a Two-Bedroom Apartment?

June 1, 2022 in Apartment Tips, Burn's Apartments, General

When it comes to apartment living, choosing the right size apartment is important for your overall comfort and needs. If your lease is coming up for renewal, you should consider any changes in your lifestyle that would require extra living space. When do you know it is time to upgrade to a two-bedroom apartment? In this article, we will explore some considerations that will help you decide.


Are you growing your family?

A growing family is a wonderful reason to upgrade to a two-bedroom apartment. For the first few months, you may want to keep your newborn close by in your bedroom or next to your bed in a bassinet, but as your child grows, they will surely want a bedroom of their own.  Having a child also means having a lot of extra stuff. From cribs and changing tables to strollers and toys, upgrading to a two-bedroom apartment will give you the additional space for your child’s necessities.


Do you have a work-from-home arrangement?

If you work remotely, you might consider creating an at-home office in an extra room for better focus and productivity. Working from home is becoming increasingly popular as many workers look for flexible jobs that allow them some personal time. However, working from home poses different kinds of distractions.  For example, living with curious kids can interrupt your concentration during work hours, a partner shuffling around in the kitchen can create noise, and working from your couch may encourage you to watch TV. An at-home office can alleviate any disruptions & allows a telecommuter to have a quiet space to focus.  It may also help to satisfy a work-life balance while working from home since you can walk out and shut the office door during off-work hours.


Are you frequently hosting guests?

By upgrading to a larger place, you can avoid feeling cramped in your space when you host guests overnight.  A one-bedroom apartment may be inconvenient for guests, especially when they’re housed in the living room on an air-mattress.  An extra bedroom in your apartment can help your guests relax during their stay.  If you enjoy frequently hosting overnight guests, having the extra bedroom can allow some peace-of-mind for all visitors to know that they’re not intruding on your personal space.


Do you need more storage space?

Have you crammed all your valuables into a small space? As your possessions grow, so do your needs for storage space. If you’re constantly battling with limited storage and wondering how much more stuff you can squeeze in, chances are you probably need to upgrade to a bit more space. More floorspace for your belongings is less hassle for you and can give you more time to focus on important parts of your life.


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