Top 10 New Apartment Essentials for Your Big Move

February 25, 2022 in Apartment Tips, Capital Region Living, General

Must-Have Essentials for Your New Apartment

Moving to a new apartment is an exciting experience, and it marks an exciting chapter in your life as you try to find a place that suits your tastes and needs. Whether it’s a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom, — you’ll have a lot to arrange.  Household staples such as furniture, appliances, kitchen necessities, and entertainment options, are important to keep in mind during your move.

Before you start packing, there are some essentials that you should account for to ensure that your move is a breeze. After all, no one wants to arrive and find out they don’t have the essentials needed to get settled in. Here is a list of 10 new apartment essentials you should have before your big move:

Packing Materials for Items You’re Bringing With You

Packing is one of the most stressful parts of moving so it’s no surprise that packing materials are at the top of the new apartment essentials list. Ensure a smooth transition by ensuring you have the appropriate packing materials for what you’re bringing with you, especially if you’re hiring a moving company to handle your items.

Separate the items you’ll be transporting yourself and those that will go in the moving truck, and pack accordingly. Make sure you have plenty of boxes for transport and material to protect fragile glass objects, such as bubble wrap.

Stylish Apartment Storage

A new move often comes with the opportunity to upgrade to more stylish apartment storage. Depending on your new apartment layout, your storage space situation might change. Factors such as square footage, room layout, and built-in furniture such as cabinets and closets can dictate how much room for storage you have.

Before you move, take the opportunity to invest in some stylish storage products like cases, shelving, and freestanding cabinets that will not only look great but safely store your belongings while optimizing space.

Upgrade Your Furniture

Have a bedroom set or living room couch you just can’t stand? Moving is the perfect time to upgrade to a luxury replacement. Before you begin shopping, ask your new property management company for the dimensions of your unit. Knowing the approximate size of your new apartment makes it easier to select the right furniture to complement your new living space.

New Kitchen Gadgets

You may want to start creating some of your favorite dishes and drinks in your new kitchen! Consider adding new kitchen gadgets to your moving checklists, such as espresso machines, juicers, or a high-end countertop grill to bring your favorite creations to life.

A Dream Work-From-Home Setup

With more people working remotely than ever, creating a dedicated workspace at home is essential for many. If you conduct most of your business online or out of the office, consider purchasing a new desk, monitor, and ergonomic chair for your new home office.

Storage for Pet Products

Are you bringing along your furry companion to a new pet-friendly apartment? Make sure you have the appropriate amount of pet products, as well as a place to store them. Consider purchasing a wall hook for dog leashes, making space at the bottom of a closet for a litter box, or designating one of your kitchen cabinets as the “pet supplies cabinet” to ensure that your pet supplies stay organized and out of reach.

Smart Home Accessories

Smart home accessories, like voice-enabled assistants and smart thermostats, can offer luxury convenience to you at home. With options to set timers for your lights, unlock doors remotely and automate heat and air conditioning functions, you can save time, money and energy.

Entertainment For All

Make your apartment the go-to social gathering spot for your friends and family by picking up a few entertainment essentials before move-in day. Depending on the size and features of your new place, you might consider setting up seating on your balcony or patio, converting a spare room into a game room, or preparing a guest room for when you have company over.

Find the Right Apartment for You in Albany, NY or the Capital Region

Once you’ve taken care of these ten must-have items, you’re well on your way to a successful apartment move. These items will create a beautiful home and can make your new apartment feel like home.

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