When Should You Start Looking for a New Apartment?

October 3, 2022 in General

Many apartment renters love the space that they live in, but as their needs evolve, they may outgrow their current space and start to desire a new living situation. From rent spikes to long commutes, there are countless reasons why someone might need to start looking for a new apartment.

If you need help deciding whether to remain in your current apartment or to start the hunt for a new one, here are some signs that you may benefit from finding a new place to call home.

Sign 1: You Need More Space

The need for additional space is the main reason that people will look for a new apartment. For any number of reasons, your lifestyle may have outgrown the square footage or rooms available in your current apartment. If you are growing your family, moving in with another person, or want an extra room for personal use, it might be time to start looking for an apartment with additional rooms and space.

Working remotely is another reason why renters might feel like they need a larger apartment. When you spend all day working from home, you can start to feel like you need a separate room for an office or more space for a desk. On top of that, you might begin feeling cluttered in your current space as you acquire more furniture and personal items.

Sign 2: You’re Tired of Long Commutes

If you have a long commute to get to work, you may want to move closer to your workplace to shorten the distance you have to travel. Over time, long commutes can lose you lots of money with gas, tolls, or public transportation fees.

Try calculating how much you are spending on average with your current commute to work, and you may find that you could save more in the long-term by moving within walking, biking, or a shorter driving distance from your workplace.

Sign 3: Adding or Subtracting Roommates

Living with one or multiple roommates is the best way to lower the amount you pay for rent. On top of that, it can be a fun experience to move in with friends or family members whom you are close with. Depending on where you are in life, you may decide that you are going to want to live with a roommate or your current roommate may inform you that they intend to move out once the lease is over.

If you are losing a roommate or want to add one, this will change the number of bedrooms and the amount of floor space you will likely want in a new living situation. You will also have to take into consideration the amount of rent you’ll end up paying with more or fewer roommates.

Sign 4: You Want a New Change of Scenery

Some people enjoy the adventure of relocating to a new town or city. After spending a few years in your current apartment, you might decide that it’s time for a change and look to begin the process of hunting for that perfect living space in a new area.

If you are thinking about relocating, start by asking your current apartment’s property management office if they serve any other communities that you’re interested in moving to. Many apartment management companies also operate additional apartments in and outside of your area, and they may be able to assist you in finding a new one. This can help ease some of the administrative tasks in moving and may also provide you with easier access to a new apartment in a location that you desire.

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