How to Tell if a Six Month Lease Apartment is Right for You

November 11, 2022 in Apartment Tips, General

Leasing an apartment most commonly requires a 12-month commitment or longer.

Long-term living arrangements are an appropriate option when you’re looking to put down deep roots, but that case may not apply to every renter.

On the other hand, short-term rentals like hotels or Airbnb rentals might typically be too expensive for multi-month stays. Additionally, these options may not provide the level of privacy or amenities that full-time apartment renters enjoy.

For renters who need a happy medium between the commitment of 12-month leases and the expenses of hotels and Airbnb, there are fabulous short-term lease options, such as six-month apartment leases.

If you’re considering a medium-term stay in a new area, a six-month lease might be the perfect solution. There are several benefits to six-month leases- let’s start with the top three:

1: Flexible Living Commitment

A six-month lease provides an excellent mix of value and freedom. You can live in a desirable location without the long-term commitment associated with traditional year-long agreements.
For example, you may be seeking a new home after relocating for your career. You might plan on buying a house in your new area and need some time for house hunting. In these cases, six months is often a great time frame for a rental.

2: Try Out a New Place Before Committing

Some people like to put down roots and stay in one home for as long as possible. Others enjoy the thrill of starting fresh somewhere new from time to time.
For those who like to wait and see how they feel about a new place, a six-month lease is like a test drive. This length allows renters to thoroughly experience a new home in a new neighborhood before committing to a longer-term living situation. If you find that you love where you live, you can often extend your lease with your current community.

3: You Want a More Affordable Living Option

A six-month lease can be a great bargain. You may be able to pay the same rate that you would for a longer commitment, but with the value of flexibility added.
Six-month leases could also prove an attractive option for college students that do not want to rent a long-term apartment. For example, if you do not live near your attending school while enjoying summer break, you may desire a shorter lease to avoid paying rent for your vacant apartment.

Easy Moving with Six-Month Leases

Six-month leases provide flexible commitment timelines for tenants, but it’s important to consider several factors before committing to a short-term apartment lease.


Make sure that the apartment you’re considering is close enough to the important places in your life, such as your school or workplace. Does the apartment offer the convenience and amenities you want? Consider your lifestyle needs & check that services like a laundromat and a gym are located nearby. Additionally, you may also want to consider the public transportation options that exist around your neighborhood.

Furnishing and Pets

Depending on the communities you are considering, some may have fully furnished apartments available. If you are planning to stay for only six months, this can help save time, effort, and money on moving. Keep in mind that pet-friendly apartments that also offer six-month leases are major win-wins.

Get a Six-Month Lease Apartment in the New York Capital Region

Depending on the reasons behind your decision to move, a standard 12-month lease might not provide the right solution for you. Instead, a six-month lease could provide you with a place that you enjoy living in while you’re deciding on where you want to call home.

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