Smart Apartments at Excelsior Park

June 25, 2018 in Burn's Apartments, General

Excelsior Park, located in Saratoga Springs, offers more for its residents than just the desirable location. The apartment community maintains the highest quality luxury living and now the 70-unit community got a whole lot smarter too- smart homes are not a thing of the future anymore. Excelsior Park offers smart technology and home automation systems, which makes life even easier.

The Benefits of Living in a Luxury Smart Apartment

Burns Management seamlessly incorporates high-tech living in the Excelsior Park apartments. With innovative technology, Excelsior Park offers the highest level of comfort and convenience to its residents. The benefits of living in a smart apartment at Excelsior Park include:

  • Security: Whether you have forgotten to lock your door or if you have a guest who arrived earlier than anticipated, smart apartments are always secure. Residents can use the app to check the status of their door – lock or unlock it from anywhere, as well as to assign a temporary access code.
  • Efficiency: Save money on your home’s energy cost when using the smart apartment app to automate your smart home’s heating and cooling. If you’re away for business or on a vacation, you can access and adjust your thermostat online to create or change the temperature range. It also allows residents to create schedules for the thermostat that can automatically set your home to a certain temperature range while you’re away. This creates an environment that will still be comfortable when you return without wasting a lot of energy.
  • Convenience: Being able to access your home remotely and adjust its environment is just one of the perks of the smart apartments at Excelsior Park. The app keeps you informed of your apartment’s condition anytime, anywhere and allows you to make smart decisions for smart living. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve forgotten to lock the door or the temperature isn’t right but you’ve finally become comfortable in bed, our Smart Apartment App provides a solution for both with a single tap. Being in control of the available technology is about the convenience of making your home, devices and appliances work for you.

Excelsior Park is a smart and luxurious community beautifully designed with modern kitchens, quartz countertops, porcelain tile, large balconies, custom closet organization, fireplaces, convenient to downtown, Wilton Mall shops, and the city’s Spring Run Trail. As technology continues to grow and shape the way we live our lives, our staff is dedicated to bringing the future into your home. Our staff is proficient in the technology we equip our smart apartments with, which allows us to continue giving our residents the best maintenance and support solutions.

To learn more about Excelsior Park’s Smart Apartments and to become a resident, contact us today!