How Smart Apartments Make Your Life Easier

May 4, 2020 in General

At Burns Management, we’re all about providing highly sought-after amenities and features our residents will appreciate. From spacious floor plans and in-unit laundry to extra storage and garage parking, we want residents who rent from us to have an easy life.

One of the amenities we’re proud to offer is Smart Apartments. Found at Schuyler Commons, Excelsior Park, and Broadway 385, the innovative technology enables residents to control the temperature inside their apartment, turn the lights on and off, lock the doors, and so much more, right from their phones. With Smart Apartments, life has never been easier!

Smart Apartment Solutions

Learning Thermostat

The smart apartments in Saratoga and Latham all feature a learning thermostat that will keep your apartment at the ideal temperature for you. Once you use the thermostat for a week, it will automatically adapt as your life and the seasons change. It will learn that you like to turn the heat down at night but wake up and have your home be 68 degrees. It will also communicate with your phone and know that you’ve left for work. At this point, the thermostat will turn the temperature down, saving you energy and money.

Lock (or unlock) the Door

If you leave for work and realize you forgot to lock the door on your way out, it’s not a problem! Simply open up the Burns Management Smart Home Automation App and scroll to the door locks option. Tap the screen to lock the door and carry on with your day having peace of mind that your home is secure.

At all three of our smart apartments, you’ll receive a notification when someone has rung your doorbell. Open the app, check the camera to see if it’s your guest, and unlock the door to let them in! No more going downstairs from your 4th-floor apartment to let your friends or family in.

Smart Lightbulbs and Blinds

Our app also allows you to control the lights in your apartment with the tap of a button. Sit down for a movie and turn the lights off without having to get up from your seat. Or turn the hall light on before you come home so you’re not walking into a dark apartment. Everything in our smart apartments is designed to make life easier for you.

In addition to lightbulbs, you can choose to have smart blinds which operate on a schedule that you determine. Schedule your blinds to close at 9 PM every night and open at 7:30 the next morning. Want to shut the blinds early? Just open the app and tap the button. It’s the little things in life that make all the difference.

Our smart apartment solutions make your life that much easier as you go about your daily routine. After living at one of our smart apartments in Saratoga or Latham for a few months, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without the technology! Explore our smart apartments further or contact us today to schedule a tour.