Top IKEA Hacks to Gain More Storage in Your Two-Bedroom Apartment

December 29, 2021 in Apartment Tips, General

Did you know storage space is a top amenity among apartment renters?

 From making your home clean to creating a hassle-free environment, storage provides a whole host of benefits for your overall health.

And let’s face it.

We could always use more storage, no matter what size apartment or home we live in.

If you’d like to gain more storage in your two-bedroom apartment, we’ve put together our favorite IKEA hacks to help you gain more space and organization in your home. Plus, we’ve broken the products down by room, so you can more easily identify the right storage units for your layout.

Start getting organized fast with these IKEA hacks now!


The entryway of your two-bedroom apartment isn’t just for shoes. You can use it to store jackets, purses, scarves, gloves, and much more. If you need something that you can size to your entryway, check out IKEA’s BROR system.

This heavy-duty storage system is customizable and can hold your indoor and outdoor gear, which is especially helpful if you have biking or skiing gear.

If you need something that’s a little narrower and more lightweight, there’s the IVAR System, as well. Its modular design allows you to add new shelves as needed.

And if that’s even too much, try the PINNIG coat rack with storage bench. This comfortable solution even gives you a space to sit comfortably when putting on your shoes.


Wall organizers are a great way to take advantage of your kitchen’s vertical space. You can use various rails, grids, or shelves to help remove bulky appliances or food from your counter space.

IKEA’s KUNGFORS wall grid with storage is the perfect combination of shelving and hanging rails. Inspired by profession, this unit allows you to make your own custom creation, so you have the perfect place to place pans, dry dishes, and hang utensils.

If you’re more of a pantry person, there’s something for you, as well. Try the KOLBJÖRN cabinet that comes in two sizes, one 35 x 63 and the other 31.5 x 31.875. These cabinets are durable and easy to clean, too! Making them a great option in the kitchen. Who wouldn’t want this in their two-bedroom apartment?


You’d be surprised how much a proper TV stand can save you on space while maximizing storage. We like the KALLAX/LACK Storage combination with a shelf. It’s a great place to media center that comes with a shelving unit and a shelf.

If you’re not a TV person and instead enjoy reading, the KALLAX shelf unit is the perfect piece. In it, you can add drawers, shelves, boxes, and inserts to truly make it your own. Overall, it’s a great piece to elevate your two-bedroom apartment.


Bathroom storage is a must. Enough said. From all of your products to, possibly, cleaning supplies, you now have a wide range of storage options available.

Though it might be a bit on the pricy side, we like how the top seller GODMORGON mirror doubles as a mirror and cabinet. Plus, it’s a mirror on the inside, so you can see yourself from all angles.

Already have a mirror in your two-bedroom apartment?

Try this slim and modern LILLÅNGEN wall cabinet. It takes up very little space and provides a lot of shelves that are good for your products. This is a great solution for any two-bedroom apartment.


Storage in your bedroom isn’t only in the closet. You can get creative with your storage by purchasing a headframe that has a secret hidden storage space. We like BRIMNES headboard with storage compartment because it’s perfect for books, magazines, and anything else you’d like nearby.

If you’re looking for slim storage for more of your clothes, try a super affordable RIGGA clothes rack. This easy to adjust closet rack can be tailored to your height. Plus it fits up to four shoes on the bottom of the rack.

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